Looking for a videographer? You can stop your search! I knew I wanted a videographer. That was the one thing I did not comprise on. My search was tedious because it was me watching countless videos. And then... I came across Spark Weddings!!! I watched 3 of their videos and I cried 3 times.
— Jessica W.
We had a video chat with Eric a few months before our wedding to explain what we wanted to capture in our video, things we saw as important, and Eric asked questions to get to know us as a couple. The entire Spark team makes sure you feel valued, and they’re so attentive and responsive! Our wedding video is the PERFECT way to look back in 50 years to relive our wedding day.
— Ashley D.

They really get to know their clients throughout the process to provide them with a unique film that tells their story in a way that is just as unique as the bride and groom! I never had to worry if they were going to answer my emails or be on time to appointments or the big day. This team is full of ninjas! It is incredible to see the amount of footage that they caught and they were never in the way or in anyone’s face and none of the guests were uncomfortable.
— Katie Beth

We almost didn’t get a “videographer” since we had a photographer on our wedding staff. We are SO GLAD that we decided to go for it! Our circle of friends and family is HUGE so not everyone could make it to the big day. We have shown, shared and sent our film to all of those loved ones and it really made them feel as if they didn’t miss out!
— Christine P.