How long is my wedding video?

1 song film: About 3 minutes

2 song film: About 6 minutes

Ceremony film: The full length of your ceremony, normally somewhere between 15-30 minutes

Documentary Film: Up to 1 hour

What is raw footage & how will I receive it?

Raw footage is everything captured from the entire day, it’s rough, it’s raw, and we only actually use about 3-5 minutes of this footage to create beautiful films.

If you package includes raw footage, or if you add it as an a-la-carte item, we will send you a simple link to download everything digitally. We recommend having your computer connected to a strong ethernet or wifi connection and downloading overnight. you will have 7 days to download your footage.


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What is 48 Hour film & photo all about?

Our #1 goal is to serve our customers well, and we created the 48 Hour program to do just that. We saw that most wedding video & photo companies take 4-6 months to get your video & photo back to you👎🏼 We thought our couples deserved better, so we spent a whole year creating systems, processes and even our own app to expedite your wedding.

Our goal was to deliver beautiful films + photos while you’re were still on your honeymoon, so you can share your wedding IMMEDIATELY with your friends & family… and social media (Pics or it didn’t happen). We have delivered on this goal time and time again and proudly claim the spot as the #1 fastest wedding video + photo company on the planet.

Can I split up payments for my wedding?

To reserve your date, we only require a 25% deposit on your package of choice. In your client portal you can make simple, online payments as you go or set up autopay:).

What do you shoot with?

We use high definition DSLR cameras. These cameras are small and compact, which allow us to blend into your wedding (say goodbye to your uncle’s over-the-shoulder camera from the 80’s…. sorry uncle👀). We also use cutting edge drones for each wedding, and update our arsenal every year. This keeps us on par with both safety and quality.

Do I have to schedule a call to get in touch?

There is so much noise in the wedding video & photo space, we have found that the best way to help our couples is to jump on a quick call. This call is not a sales call, it’s a chat with our super fun Director of Dreams, Megan McFarland, to learn about your wedding, help connect you with vendors, and find out if we‘re a good fit. If for some reason a call does not work, you can always reach out at


This is the exact person you will talk to on the phone:)

Megan McFarland